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The Bridegroom's Toast

Chapter 3 of the Bridal Ball Series

Samantha Colton, a writer/photographer for Dive Magazine, loves her life. Lots of travel, lots of adventures, no entanglements. But this time, a diving trip to France has a second purpose—to find a woman who helped save her Grampy’s life during World War II.

Sam’s beloved great-grandfather, now approaching his hundredth birthday, was a navigator on a B-17 bomber during 1943. When his plane was shot down in eastern France, he was rescued by resistance operatives, nursed by sisters at a remote convent, and guided to freedom by a young woman—code name Ella. Grampy fears that Ella may have lost her life during the dangerous escape operation. His only wish in his last years is to find out for sure.

Sam would do anything for Grampy. But, wandering around a country where she doesn’t speak the language, looking for former resistance fighters and nursing nuns is daunting. Until she comes face to face with Jean-Paul Valette, a vintner from Alsace-Lorraine, who has her wondering not only whether he can help her, but whether traveling with the sexy stranger might be another, exciting adventure.

The search plunges them into decades-old memories that some people would prefer to forget. How can they possibly find the isolated convent, never mind an aged resistance fighter and an old woman who may not even have survived the war? Jean-Paul is confident that they can. All that Sam is sure about is that an entanglement with this handsome Frenchman, whose love of adventure seems to match her own, could seriously threaten to ruin her ideal life.

The Bridesmaid's Waltz is an original work of fiction by Linda McGinnis. Learn more about all of Linda's work at LindaMcGinnis.com, and order or download any of her books here: Amazon: Books by Linda McGinnis