The Bridesmaid's Waltz

Chapter 2 of the Bridal Ball Series

At the Bridal Ball, Lexi Solomon and David Reed waltz around the Crown Ballroom like a couple who have known each other for years. Which they have. They run into each other every five years or so, like something out of a romantic comedy. The first time, they were counselors at a summer camp for kids with special needs. Lexi fell for him then, and her deepest secret is that he’s still her heart’s desire. The last time Lexi saw him, she was holding the bride’s bouquet—but she wasn’t the bride.

One wild, crazy, intoxicated night together, and now, four years later, he’s married to someone else, and she has a little girl he doesn’t know about—a beautiful little girl with the same thick, sandy hair, wide-set amber eyes, and enchanting smile. A sweet-natured child who’s been told there are all different kinds of families, and theirs is the kind that doesn’t have a daddy.

Lexi could keep her secrets as long as David lived on the other side of the country. But now he’s back in the Bay Area, they’re dancing at the Bridal Ball, and Lexi has a lot of explaining to do. The problem is, how can she tell him one secret without spilling the deepest one of all?

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