Love of My Life

Fourth Chapter in the "Sweet Refrain" Series


Will discovering the truth about herself help Emma find her true love?

It's 1960. Paul Anka is on the radio. The Kennedy-Nixon debates are in the news. Harper Lee has been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. And, Emma Chandler has entered her senior year at Willette. During the summer, as she escorted Nico around California, they grew close... perhaps too close. We Six are only four this year; after Juanita married, one of the other girls eloped. We Six have pulled off the campus coup, though: they're the Sweeties - the four seniors who live in the much-sought-after Suite at Grace Hall.

Emma's search for her biological mother has reached a turning point, and she must decide whether she'll respond to the one person she's been avoiding... the man who wrote from a Tennessee prison. All other avenues seem to have dried up. How desperate is she to know the truth about her heritage.

Paul returns from three months at the Colorado music camp, having written Emma only two letters. He seems distant and distracted; preoccupied with thoughts he's not sharing. Could Isabella Herranz, who was also a counselor there, have caused the rift that stretches flat and barren between them? Paul never mentions the girl, and Emma can only imagine what might have happened to tear their precious and treasured love to pieces.

Nico is so close and so comfortable... how can Emma resist turning to him? And how can she resist wondering, Is Nico actually the love of my life?

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