Devoted To You

A vintage new adult novel.

Itís 1958. Elvis Presley is on the radio. NASA is in the news. And Emma Chandler has returned to Willette Womenís College for her sophomore year. Mrs. Roth has news about her adoption, but it isnít good. Mrs. Rothís lawyer cousin has clients who, like Emma, were placed for adoption by Georgia Tann. Contrary to what her parents believe, Tann was a heartless mercenary who took advantage of naÔve women, sold their babies, and kept no records. The search for Emmaís biological mother seems hopeless.

We Six are all back at Willette: Beth, whose sister is desperately ill; Juanita, now engaged to her longtime love; Nancy, well on her way to being a political activist; Kathleen, quiet and hardworking; and Carolyn, beautiful but somehow mysteriously evasive. Even Joyce, who graduated in June, has returned.

But Paul McCabe hasnítóand worse, Emma hasnít heard from him in three months. When she tells her friends about her unhappy summer, they all have different opinions about what she should do. Then, Paul unexpectedly appears, and her heart is melted by his ardent apology. But what she doesnít know is who heís truly devoted toÖand the devastating decision heíll make that will change both their lives.

Devoted To You is an original work of fiction by Linda McGinnis. Learn more about all of Linda's work at, and order or download any of her books here: Amazon: Books by Linda McGinnis