The Bridal Ball

First chapter of the Bridal Ball Series

Kristi Peyton-Scott’s best friend, Laura, never got to dance at her own wedding reception because a gas leak forced the hotel to evacuate. Laura always felt a little wistful about it, and ever since then, Kristi has been trying to find a way to make things right for Laura. At last, she thinks she’s found a way.

Kristi has just been hired as the Event Coordinator at the posh Royal Princess Hotel in San Francisco, whose spectacular, Art Nouveau ballroom rivals any palace in Europe. It would be the perfect spot for a Bridal Ball, a night when every bride could dance, once again, in her wedding gown. What woman wouldn’t like to wear that special dress again; to whirl around a glorious room, enjoying an evening with her husband without the pressure of guest lists, seating arrangements, timetables, or an intoxicated best man? After all, it’s the most beautiful, wonderful, not to mention expensive dress she’s ever bought!

There’s just one problem. Kristi’s boss, Josh Townsend, thinks it’s a ridiculous idea. In fact, he refuses to talk to her about it. In fact, he hardly talks to her at all. His family owns the Princess, and while Josh is supposedly taking over the reins, it was Josh Senior, (J.T.) who hired Kristi. Josh doesn’t appreciate his dad stepping on his toes, even though Kristi is good at her job.

She could quit, of course; her former boss would love to have her back. Or she could stay and try to win Josh over. She is convinced that the Bridal Ball could become as big an event as San Francisco’s famous Black and White Ball. All she needs is his support.

All she needs is one night to prove how magical a bridal gown can be.

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