Dreams of Home

Grace Kawakami lives in paradise -- at least that's what they call Hawaii in 1941. But hell breaks loose in paradise on December 7, when Japan bombs Pearl Harbor and Grace's world turns upside down. Her mother, a nurse, is called to work at the hospital. Her brother, Tom, is called to serve with his ROTC unit. And her father is taken away by the authorities. Grace is alone with only herself to depend on.

Perhaps most frightening of all is that her brother, Richie, is trapped in Japan and can't come home. And, since all the Kawakami children are dual citizens, Richie may be drafted into the Japanese army. Could it really be that Grace's two brothers might end up fighting each other?

She's is scared, uncertain and confused. All she can hope is that love will bring her family back together again... because all she has left are dreams of home.

Dreams of Home is an original work of fiction by Linda McGinnis. Learn more about all of Linda's work at LindaMcGinnis.com, and order or download any of her books here: Amazon: Books by Linda McGinnis