Pueblo Summer

First chapter in the Cloud Dancer series

Erin Fraser thinks agreeing to spend the summer on a New Mexico Pueblo may be the biggest mistake of her life. And she's only been here an hour! It's hot, it's dry, it's barren, and her uncle has barely said ten words to her. But when she meets Paolo, things start to look up -- except that Mr. Tall, Dark and Completely Mystifying seems to hate her.

Paolo Herrera, Pueblo born and bred, thinks the girl from California suffers from the worst addiction of the 21st century -- and it isn't drugs. He has no use for an outsider who doesn't even know the difference between a pueblo and a reservation. Their values and goals couldn't be more different. And yet, there's something about her...

In spite of their conflicting worlds, Erin finds Paolo irresistible. As she learns more about the pueblo and its customs, she comes to appreciate the essence of village life. Paolo can't help being drawn to her, too, and he gives her an Indian name, "Cloud Dancer." But the name is the only thing he is willing -- or able -- to give her.

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